Monday, September 20, 2010

Swallowed Up In Time!

What will I be able to accomplish today? I start by writing in my planner. I copy my schedule, my list of to-dos, the calls I need to make, the messages I need to give, etc. I think about the tasks. The I've gotta do this todays and the I can save that til tommorrows. Each day repeats many things on the list. They appear over and over again. I put them off, delay doing them.

I noticed some of those things that I have delayed in the previously journaled days. You know what I found? They seemed to be made up of my dreams. Writing, promoting my comedy and motivational ministry, writing thank you cards and making calls of encouragement. Vacations, day trips, out of the box things that I would enjoy doing, learning a new song, visiting my grandchildren....things that define me.

Don't get me wrong, self centeredness is not my intent. But the list is accomplishing nothing more than reminding a forgetful old man to do the job related activities that others require of him.

I retired almost 1 year ago. I started teaching again 5 days later. Yet, these were to be my days to do the dream lists.

So, I live my dreams. Starting today, God and I will persue these dreams........and my desire is that I will make a difference in others decisions about where they will spend eternity, that I will persue the ministry that God has ordained for this time in my life, and that I will learn to rest in Him.

For in my heart there is an unwritten book, a song left to sing, a comedy presentation yet to give, and another person yet to meet.

Today, on the top of my other lists of to dos, I see one mighty and original command....................
dream......dream....and then...Live The's gonna be a good "rest of my life!"