Thursday, September 15, 2016

Time To Begin Again!

Everybody seems to have good intentions. As the new year begins, resolutions are set for the new year. I had good intentions in starting this blog several years ago. I allowed the circumstances of the day to stop my blogging. I could not remember how to access the blog but recently I found the old site. I decided to begin again. I want to start to write anew. My desire is to share general opinions, unique insights, humor, personal events and personal commentary. I am an older Christian gentleman, a partially retired educator and administrator, a storyteller, a singer/songwriter, a stand-up comedian, a father, a palpaw, and other titles which others have called me (some which I agree with and others I do not). Thoughts for the Day: At Walmart they usually have 6 check-out lines open, unless it's really busy, then they use only 1. If you honk your horn 1/2 a second after the light turns green, I will shut off my car, sit on the hood and wave at the passerbys for at least 2 hours. If at first you don't succeed you better not try to skydive. Until later.