Monday, May 31, 2010

When Trouble Comes And I Can't Find An Answer.

Trust Him!

Sometimes the very act of trusting is difficult. When you have tried so many times to trust others and they have let you down . When others have promised you but there is no seeing the promise fulfilled. When even those in spiritual leadership have listened to you and have given you advice, only to turn around and betray your trust. It's hard then to trust again.

But we must trust. Where are those Christians that are good to their word? The person who listens, councils, and never tells. I don't mean the things where a life could literally be in the balance I mean the everyday issues that some people finally share. No wonder it's hard to be real. When you let down the wall, someone kicks you in the teeth.

So what do we do about it? I say we listen, pray, encourage and serve as a true confidant. There are many in the family of God who need to get things out. They need to be healed. But if your response is grow up, you negate the seriousness of their need. And if your response is to tell at least one person (after all it is the truth...and that's not gossip) then you have once again demolished trust and you are for all intent a liar.

Our brother has a need. Where does he go? Will you listen, help him to be accountable and be a true friend or will you betray Him. People have needs. Will you help? Will you help him find the answer?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Starting All Over

Little did I know that at the age of 58 in many ways I would be starting over. I have begun to imbark on a new adventure. The journey that will invitably help me to further my purpose in this life and one that will help to further define my destiny. I believe that each individual has a 'calling' or an ultimate purpose in life and my journey has taken me to this point.

The first part of my life was spent in the area of education. I have been fortunate to teach every grade level from Pre-K to college. I have known the ultimate joy of teaching and seeing the faces of a student who has finally understood a concept and who is proud for finally getting that understanding. I have seen others who found that learning was fun and chose to share that fact with others as a teacher.

I have served as a principal of several schools. I have learned many things about leadership and many things about management. They are not the same. Leadership is a calling and management is a job. I hope that to some I have been a 'leader'.

But now, after much prayer and many tears, I am moving on. I am going to try to share my love for life and my love for God. I will be doing this through several callings that I have found in my innermost soul. The love of writing, the appreciation for the diversity of people, my crazy sense of humor and call to make others laugh, my love of singing and my 'reason' for living the "Jesus" that I love so much.

Starting Over. This gives me a chance to rediscover myself. I am intent in finding the part of me that was so spontaneous, that would cause me to act in a way that seemed ridiculous in order to break up the mundane. I am seeking to find the song that was in my heart. I used to sing everytime I got into the car but somewhere I listened to the critics of the song and started being quiet. I stopped singing. I will make others laugh by emphasizing crazy things, stories, experiences and life in general. If I look silly, so be it!

But most important to me, and to God, I will be real! No more pretense, no cover ups. You see I have tried to live a good life but I have made many mistakes. I have faltered, I have failed. I am a 'sinner saved by grace'. But I have found something earth shattering..if you break the mask of protection, the mask of indifference, the mask of hypocricy, the mask of secrecy...etc....then you are on the way to becoming the best "you" that God and you can be together.

Starting Over. I challenge you to do the same. But if by chance you feel that you can't start again or at least not right now... then ...... join with me on my're welcome to come along for the ride!