Thursday, June 13, 2013

A New Season

Today is a new day. A day that starts a new season. I haven't written in this blog for a long time. Many things have happened since my last entry and many footsteps lie in yesterday's shadows. There are reasons that seasons come into our lives. They allow old things to die, new things to live, color to enter our lives and times of sunshine to radiate brightly. Each season is necessary for the full development of the whole person. I am trying to embrace the particular seasons rather than question them. I notice that the seasons of our lives often do not align with nature's pattern. Today after a long winter and a bumpy spring I feel that summer is on the way. I have gone through a period of growth with my roots stronger and my limbs flourishing but it only came after dying out to many things in a very long winter. I am anticipating a wonderful summer. I yearn for a time when things I have planted grow beyond expectation, a time when the long warm summer days are numerous, and my spirit grows and soars. Somehow I everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens... I can appreciate the diversity of weather because withstanding and enduring are things that have molded the 'me' of today. I need the warmth of God's love and the brightness of the sunshine that drives the night away. Sure the seasons will continue and life's weather patterns will change but the son can shine brighter today. That is my desire. Remember, seasons are only for a while, then the next will come. It's a part of life for every man.