Thursday, January 27, 2011

Are There No Absolutes?

When I started out my journey as a young Christian, many older Christians placed some monumental requirements on me. I was told that so many things were sin that I could practically do nothing. The very act of being a Christian was to set me free, wasn't it? I felt imprisoned more then than I did before I became a Christian.

As I grew in the Lord, I found out that many of these so called "sins" were merely opinions and/or personal convictions that others were trying to impose on me. So many of the thoughts of confusion that I had harbored for years began to disappear.

Now several years later I find myself in a different seat. I am confused again. This time many young Christians feel nothing is sin and that all things can be tolerated because of grace. Many people are quick to use the word Pharisee on people who have a belief that there are things that are sin. The term is used too loosely.

Pharisee is a term that is used by many to define someone who disagrees with them. God is truly a God of grace and His love is available and given to all because it is not earned. But there are absolutes. Things that are defined in scripture that are sins. Acts and things that are definitively 'sin'. And sin will not enter into heaven.

What happened? Is a politically correct world and the permissiveness of this society treading in the blood at the foot of the cross? Have we become so lax that we have taken Christ's message of embracing the sinner in love to embracing the sin instead?

If a person enters into our world whether church or personal shouldn't we love them. They may be known to be involved in some area of sin, they may look different, or they may participate in things we may not agree with, but, it is our love that will treat them with respect and dignity. After all, Christ came for sinners.

But, there comes a time when a new Christian should be instructed or taught. In a Sunday Morning church society, one in which people come to church only on Sunday Mornings if they come at all, when are they taught.? Sure the minister preaches and also teaches sometimes, but if that is all they hear, are the real issues being answered.

I got so tired, when I was young ,of people teaching on dress length, hair styles, movie attendance, and types of music. But today I long for someone somewhere to teach on absolute sins. Not to condemn, but to warn. Please somebody have enough courage to tell others of the pitfalls.

If I am walking and there is a dangerous pit in front of me and you see me heading to my demise. Please yell as loud as you can so I won't fall in!!