Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Teller of Stories; A Giver of Partial Information

Recently, I have realized that every thing you hear is not the "whole' truth. I have found that many people will work hard to stir up your emotions by giving you enough truth to upset you but hiding enough facts to deceive you. At times, this was described as a little white lie. Now it seems to be an accepted fact of life with some people and they feel OK in doing it.

Where many fabricate and add to stories, there are others who leave out partial facts and as a result give you partial truths, that may sway your opinion in an unfair fashion. When going to court you promise to "tell the 'whole' truth, nothing but the truth, so help you God. Life should be that way.

Somehow some Christians feel it an obligation to spread rumors but they don't term it that. They actually tell partial truths therefore letting you surmise what is meant. They often know that if they tell the complete truth you would respond in a different fashion. Therefore, they deceive you by telling you a partial truth and set you up for emotional devastation.

This happened to me when I served as a leader in a secular job. A lady very adept in this art, would give me partial truths about an individual, and would give the other individual partial information about me. This led to disagreements and hurts developed.

Simply stated, we were set up! The lady was a deceiver. She was a gossip. She was simply sewing discord. And all under the disguise of 'only telling the truth'. She knew exactly what she was doing.

So why do this anyway. Was she trying to make something appear a certain way to get an expected outcome? I think so.

How can we deal with this?

We can be truthful. If we feel that what we are saying to another might upset the person and know it may cause problems, then be quiet. If the information may save a person's life, etc., it may be a different story.

Maybe, before we speak it, pray about it. A unique way of thinking. But it just might work!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Are There Ties In Heaven?

If there is one thing I despise, it's wearing a necktie.

Now women,where you may have to deal with high heels, we men who have been in business have to deal with the ever-constraining necktie. The piece of clothing intended to make the white shirt look color coordinated and ornamental rather serves as an impractical way of strangling it's victim.

What is intended to make the man more presentable, rather serves to strangle him until he can bearly squeak out any words. I believe that some wife who was sick of her husband telling her she needed to change invented this 'necktie' to make it harder for him to speak much less breathe.

Then some other creative woman must have created the novelty tie. This gave society the excuse to buy a man a tie for almost every occasion. What imbicile wants to be strangled every day of his life. And the woman who created this stupid contraption comments "how nice you look all dressed up." Yeah, I's a conspiracy, that's what it is.

They have sports ties, cartoon character ties, university team ties, and ,yes even, super hero ties. But that doesn't fool me. Businesses require them, interviews demand them and salesmen's a conspiracy..that's what it is.

Are there ties in heaven?
for eternity?

If so, it better be the women who have to wear them!