Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A View from a Warm Room

Looking outside my living room window, I see a snow covered road. One that shows no tire tracks, no people, no movement. My car cleaned earlier in the day is covered with piles of fluffy powder. Wind chimes on my back porch play a fragmented song letting me know that the breeze still sings cold music selections. A small stream of water flows from the kitchen faucet, evidence that the temperature is falling and that the water lines need to remain unfrozen. I am chilled but not cold... protected from the frigid outside air. What about others? Are they safe and warm? Is there a family along side the rode in the car hit by a sliding vehicle? Is there a man hiding in a culvert trying to stay warm with whatever he can find? Is there a stray dog hunting for a place to hide? They fight the pains of real happenings, the bite of icy coldness, while I look out and worry....that I won't stay warm. Selfish.

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