Saturday, June 11, 2011

Found in the Rubble

In the pieces of broken dreams,
I saw a ray of light
It pierced the heavy darkness,
It broke the dead of night.

And when I bent to pick it up
O, the pain my heart did know
Yet, when I held it near my chest
New dreams began to grow

Dreams greater than imagined
Colors swirled into the sky
Rainbows splashed on hopes abandoned
Tears of joy filled my eyes

Not only did I realize
That I could dream again
Realities of imaginations
Created greater visions then

Now I dream of thoughts unspoken
Miracles of life anew
Things even thought impossible
Hidden from my eyes own view

And just to think had my dreams not ended
New ones could not be birthed to live
And the cascades of my dreams illusions
Could not allow me to forgive

And now I stand as dreams are living
Fondest hopes I claim it seems
But I never would have found the joy
Except for pieces of broken dreams.

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