Saturday, June 11, 2011

When the Rain Keeps Coming Down

Many times in our lives things happen so quickly that we can't seem to understand or fathom them. Why is this happening to me? Why do these types of events always come in groups?
Recently, my life seemed turned upside down by mutiple life-changing events happening at the same time. I always say 'that God is building character in me' and somehow that allows me to view things in perspective. But times like these are hard to explain and hard to understand. And at times I can't do either.
One thing I can do, however, is to step back and view the events and try to see all of the factors that make up the events observed. I try to view all the happenings from the outside.
This week I was visiting my sister in Tennessee. The rain fell so hard that many streams and rivers were overflowing. Areas that seemed safe one minute became dangerous in less than an hour. A small child was pulled from a father's arms and was lost in the flood. An entire amusement park was under water with only sections of a large roller coaster visable above the water. Devistation... or that is what it seemed.
By observation of these events I concluded that it is up to us to determine when we give up. I'm sure there are times when these people felt like throwing up there hands and quitting. But they didn't.
One thing I know, I refuse to give up on life...on people. Because the events of our lives are topsy turvy, it surely doesn't mean the God has forgotten us. His love is magnified even more. Through kind words, a sunny day, a bird singing, a friends gesture and so many acts of kindness and love. Life is precious but it is hard at times.
When the rain falls so hard that I can't see, I must remember that when it stops (and surely it will) it may be followed by a beautiful rainbow and somehow I will be enveloped by it's beauty.
I must remember that soon I will forget how hard the rain fell..because I might be able to enjoy the flowers that will bloom in just a few days.
Be encouraged!

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